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once the masks arrived at her doorstep in san francisco, her next immediate step was to take photos of them using her iphone and write up a product description. she started by posting them for sale on etsy, which is a little cheaper and easier to do than amazon. she then took her most popular products to the amazon marketplace. "when i sold face masks, i realized it was very important that they were small because the shipping and storage costs were really low, so you could make decent margins even though it was a low-cost product," she explained.

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many so-called experts on various online forums recommend that struggling content creators purchase fake youtube views. at the end of the day, this is horrible advice, as channels caught purchasing fake views are often banned by youtube. creators are much better off following best practices and being patient, as buying views always fails. how-does-youtube-detect-fake-views

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if our warnings are ignored or we continue to see misuse, our enforcement agents will escalate the case and issue a cease and desist letter (c&d). the c&d orders the business to immediately stop the misuse, and warns that if they don't, we'll take further action such as terminating any paid subscription, stopping their trustpilot stars from appearing in search engine results, and placing a prominent consumer warning on their profile page. tech team

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